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Every participant is required to be a

member of 3 Palms Action Sports Park.

Please read the information to the right very carefully and click on the orange square that applies to you to fill out the online membership form.  -------------------->

You will be informed when you come to the sign-in tower if your membership has expired. Unfortunately, our point of sale system does not allow us to send out advanced notice. Please see our track info page for our yearly and daily membership pricing.

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SAVE TIME IN LINE - fill out your membership packet online before you get here! Don't FORGET to confirm the membership in your email. PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE there is a new form that is mandatory and MUST be filled out by BOTH PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS. Each one of you will have to fill it out even if your memberships are active and it's not time to renew. Scroll down to the last paragraph for this form and more information.

Every participant is required to be a member of 3 Palms Action Sports Park. Ages 18 and older will be required to fill out the following Membership Legal Contract. Once you have filled this form out, you must go to your email and confirm your membership.

The membership links below is for MINORS only and MUST be filled out by a parent. Please NOTE that there are TWO separate forms to be filled out and both of those links are below. ALSO if you have multiple minors that ride you can put all of the kids on one form, BUT NO STEP-PARENTS can sign for their step children. (Blended families, PLEASE don't be offended, we are also a blended family and understand the frustration.) Only a legal parent or guardian can fill this form out and then it must be validated by confirming it from your email.

Even if your minor is an active member of 3 Palms Action Sports Park, BOTH PARENTS or LEGAL guardians MUST fill out this Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. (link is below) This form is a new requirement as of January 2021 and is referred to as the "Minor 2 Form." NO STEP PARENTS can sign this form and if there is an unsual circumstance and you can't collect both signatures from both parents or legal guardians, please reach out to the owner, Emil Shebelbon privately.

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