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March 5-6th, 2016

Conroe, TX – Every year there is a qualifier in your local area and a regional within a few hours to qualify the top 40 riders of each class to the most prestigious national in the country for amateur motocross riders. This happens to be at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, (yes, the famous country star) and is the race we all aim to qualify for every year. The first area qualifier for the south happened to be at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, A Three Palms Facility, and turned out to be a weekend of adrenaline rushing, blood pumping battles to the finish. Check out the highlights!

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February 21st, 2016

Conroe, Texas – Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, A Three Palms Facility was fortunate enough to have the LSQR Series out for the first round of the year on our GP Track. The weather was beautiful, the gates were filled and all was a great adrenaline rush filled day of racing!

Lone Star Quad Racing was established in 2011 by a family who is completely absorbed in the Quad Racing industry, with the mission of preserving our sport for future generations. The owners, Dee & Michele Manshack, brought Quad Racing to South Texas in 2002 and ran a successful racing organization for 4 years. In addition, they manage Splendora Motocross Park. They took a break for a few years from local racing to focus on their business, Rage ATV, and on the national racing series. With the Manshacks and Rage ATV firmly established on the national level, they are ready to return to the local racing scene. Their experience will enable them to introduce fresh ideas to encourage the growth of the sport as well as to share knowledge they have gained from around the country.

The Final Round of the King of Three Palms Series was also the very first round of the Houston Holeshot Series. Conjoining the two series together resulted in a great attendance at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park. In the end, we gave out three TLD helmets to the Kings (or queens) of the three biggest classes, plus a Thor Gear Bag to the rider with the most points.
The second of three rounds for the new series, King of Three Palms kicked off on December 20th with racers eager to win and a great turnout.
Come out January 10th for the third and final round!
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Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, a Three Palms Facility, held the 2015 Motocross Pro Challenge for all to race on December 6th, 2015. With impeccable weather and a perfect track to ride, there was unlimited possibilities on the circuit. Being that this is the Motocross Pro Challenge, there was a 25K purse on the line for the professionals, and they surely did not disappoint. Most notably was Challen Tennant, a Willis, TX native who was making his professional debut at the challenge and took home an overall and a wallet full of cash.
Each year motocross riders in the great state of Texas have the opportunity to earn their place in history and be awarded and acknowledged as Texas AMA District Champions in all three Texas districts which then qualifies them to move on to the AMA Texas State Championship Final and be crowned State Champions. Each District Championship also has its own prestige and overall awards. Since AMA District Racing was established in Texas in 2011 we have seen great racing and growth every year. The top riders which accumulate the most points in the qualifiers will be the AMA District Champions and the top 16 will move on to the AMA Texas State Championship Final (top 8 in District 42). All riders must qualify at the appropriate races in their home district to move on to the State Final. Riders from any district or state may compete at all qualifiers all over the state but will be eligible for qualifying points only in their home district (determined by address of residence). Out of state riders must choose one district in which to accumulate points and call their “home” district. All riders will want to race all rounds in their district to earn as many points as possible.
This year the “home team” District 20 took home the most championships. With a weekend full of uncertainty in the weather category, the track was definitely a pleasant piece to ride on given what it could have been and the effort put in by our facility.
The fourth round of the 2015 District 20 series turned out to be the final round of the series due to rain conditions for the fifth round at Splendora. Luckily, a great track was put up with a ton of competitive racers on the line ready to battle it out to get a ticket to the state championship November 7th and 8th at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, A Three Palms Facility.
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The third round of the 2015 District 20 Series was held for the first time at Murphy’s MX, a Houston area track located in Bastrop, TX.
The first round of the battle for the texas state championship went off with a bang at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park. With a huge turnout of racers lined up at the gate, they did not disappoint.


Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, a Three Palms Facility, was fortunate enough to hold the fourth round of the Main Event Series, the largest motocross night series in Texas. Yet again we had a great turnout full of awesome riders who put on a show for all to see!

The first round of The Main Event Series has come and gone! The largest motocross night series in Texas came to open their yearly series at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park again in 2015, and the racing was an adrenaline rush for all spectators. Join us again on July 18th for the 4th round of the Main Event Series!
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Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, A Three Palms Facility hosted the first round of the South Texas Championship Series on our annual Day After Race, the day after Houston Supercross.

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Bel-Ray Action Sports Park Debuts STC Series

April 14, 2015

Conroe, Texas – As Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, crowned two champions on Saturday night the staff at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, A Three Palms Facility, was busy getting ready for their annual ‘Day After Race’ and preparing to host the opening round of a brand new racing series in 2015, the South Texas Championship Series. As the host for the opening round of the series, Bel-Ray Action Sports Park was able to participate in connecting Austin, Houston and San Antonio together in a racing series for the first time ever. With the work of Emil ‘Trackman’ Shebelbon and the rest of the staff at the facility, the ‘Day After Race’ and opening round of the South Texas Championship Series turned out to be a great success with plenty of highlights to display throughout the day.
A long night at NRG Stadium watching riders at the professional level can be a long night, but with the determination by many riders, the attendance at the race on April 12th was a success, and many riders got to earn their trophies at the event. The gates were full and the riders were lined up, but the racing would have not been at the excitement level it climbed to without the help of the Bel-Ray Action Sports staff and their work in the dirt, which made for beautiful track conditions full of loamy dirt and great traction. The weather shined bright all day and luckily the rain was avoided, which made for two full motos of racing, banging bars, and battling it out for a spot on the podium.
As Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, a Three Palms Facility, celebrated another year of the ‘Day After Race’ and the debut of the South Texas Championship Series, we want to thank each and everyone of you who came out to the facility and supported yet another amazing race. The next round of the South Texas Championship Series will be at Murphy’s MX on April 19th, 2015, the second round of four. Bel-Ray Action Sports Park will be hosting it’s next race June 13th, the opening round of the Main Event Series, Texas’ largest motocross night series.
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Check out our commercial that we were forunate enough to air at Houston Supercross. It was an honor to have everyone see how beautiful our park is up on the giant jumbotron!

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The HARC (Houston Area RC) Racing Series headed to Bel-Ray Action Sports Park, a Three Palms Facility for their Third Round of the Series. There was plenty of action throughout the day so check it out!

APRIL 25th, 2015
Bel-Ray Action Sports Park

Come out and race with us!

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3 Palms was fortunate enough to hold a 2015 Loretta Lynn’s Area Qualifier. Plenty of talent lined up in hopes of moving onto the next stage of qualifiers towards the most prestigious amateur race of the year in August, and only few moved on. Thanks to everyone who came out and don’t forget about our Day After SX race on April 12th, 2015!
Three Palms Action Sports Park Commercial – Aired at Houston Supercross 04.05.14 on the Reliant Stadium JumboTron.
The 2015 Dallas Supercross, held on February 14th, 2015, was held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. We were fortunate enough to throw up a commercial on the huge Jumbotron!
Three Palms had it’s club race on February 28th to get the new track in line and get ready for some bigger races. Check out our beautiful RC Track, with lots of obstacles and long lap times. We will be hosting HARC events March 28th and April 25th, so come on out and come race with us!

Despite Muddy Conditions, these riders threw it down for one moto on Sunday, March 1st for the first round of the LSQR series and showed everything they had. Sliding across the truck, spinning tires and hardly visible conditions did not stop these racers from putting in the heart they needed to finish.

Moxie BMX, the BMX Track inside of Three Palms has races every Saturday or Sunday, weather permitting. This past weekend we had some great racers come out and throw down some laps, so here is a quick snippet of all the action!